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Wedding Reception DJ

You deserve a quality DJ who knows how to provide enjoyable service with anything from elegant sophistication to lighthearted fun and understand the time and need for the difference. A wise DJ should know when to offer energy and excitement, and when to relax and allow the momentum to take over; how to read a crowd and respond accordingly. He needs to understand that his client’s ideas and dreams are more important than his own and realize that his guests are there to celebrate the couple, and his job is simply to help make it happen. We know that you have many options when considering an Oregon Wedding DJ, but below are a few other things to consider.

Your DJ should understand the importance of your wedding as well as you do. We appreciate the significance of your commitment and would love to help you achieve your vision of your wonderful day with the power of music. Silicon Forest Entertainment is a tremendous wedding value, offering kind and thoughtful service with reasonable rates. It is a complete Oregon wedding DJ service with no additional charges for wireless microphones, dance lighting (even atmospheric up-lighting is included), and additional sound equipment needed for ceremony and/or cocktail hour needs.

We promise that if you choose us to DJ your wedding or event, Craig or Derek will personally attend to your every sound and musical need to the best of their ability, perform for you personally, and conduct themselves professionally at all times. If you are seeking a calm and professional presence providing affordable Oregon DJ and MC services, and a DJ who knows how to be fun without being obnoxious, please give us a call! Here's a three minute video of a recent wedding hosted by Silicon Forest Entertainment courtesy of Street Studios:

Craig Kraus - MC/DJ/KJ/VJ

DJ Craig Kraus

Craig Kraus DJ'd for over 10 years in Arizona before moving his family to Portland in 2014 to start working with Nike as a System Engineer and get out of the desert.


DJ Derek - MC/DJ/KJ

DJ Derek

Derek recently moved to Portland from Arizona to start working alongside Craig at Nike. He has been DJing for over 2 years now and looks forward to meeting new couples.

The Endorsements
Wedding DJ - Friendly

Craig was awesome from the start!

I met Craig while helping my best friend interview DJs for her wedding. Of all the DJs we met with, Craig was the only one we clicked with. My friends wedding was amazing, and then shortly after, Craig DJd for her sisters wedding. A few years later it was my turn, and Craig was the first vendor I reached out to. Luckily he was available for my big day!
- Melissa Urias

Wedding DJ - Music

Craig really took the stress out!

Flawless in every single aspect of our wedding entertainment. Our DJ, Craig, was funny and on time and perfectly accurate with every cue and announcement and song that we asked him to do. Definitely made our wedding as special as it was!
- Brittany Bearman

Wedding DJ - Party

Craig turned it into a real party!

Craig turned our wedding reception into a full-blown dance party! He has awesome taste in music and offered many helpful suggestions as well as played everything that we requested. His equipment is state of the art and sounds great. I would highly recommend him. He was so easy to work with and professional.
- Shayla Herring